Both the QL and ZX versions are £49.95, with the vMapQL at £15.95.

Current shipping options from New Zealand to the UK are £10 for International Air (untracked) and £28 for International Courier (tracked, signature required).  For other destinations please enquire.

To get one, the best strategy is to set up a keyword alert in SellMyRetro for ‘vDrive’ so that when they come up you can secure one. You will need to register if you have not already done so.

Last batch shipped today

And now getting ready for the next. Thanks to all those who bought one (ot two) – they should be in your hands before Christmas.

I’ll be concentrating on ZX units this time (there will still be a few vDrive QLs for sale) and hoping to put together about 25 (let’s hope my 3D printer holds up!).

After that I’ll be taking a break over the holidays and will resume in the New Year.