vLA82S+: A Spectrum ULA replacement with RGB and AY Sound

The vLA82S+ provides the full functions of a Spectrum ULA replacement along with an RGB interface and emulated AY Sound in the same footprint as the orginal vLA82.

A choice of interface is offered. An external interface which requires no modification or an internal interface which is installed in place of the RF modulator.

The internal interface is compatible with a Harlequin 48K SCART cable while the external interface requires a Spectrum +2A/B/3 type connection. Third party cables are available from several vendors including the excellent Retro Computer Shack

The interface provides an RGB output which can be connected directly to an analogue RGB capable TV. If there is a requirement to convert to HDMI the cheapest and simplest option is probably the one shown below. These SCART RGB to HDMI converters are readily available on Aliexpress or eBay for about 20 euros.

Here’s what the interfaces look like installed.

For more information the install guide can be found here

Once you’ve purchased your vLA82S+ you’ll probably want to test the AY Sound. Here’s a some links to demos and games that work on the Spectrum 48K:



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