Enclosures for ZX and QL vDrives

Finally, an enclosure* to go with your vDriveQL or vDriveZX!

No need to dismantle an existing Microdrive for the case, you can now buy a custom 3D printed enclosure designed specifically for the vDriveQL or vDriveZX (there are two case styles to choose from).

Case includes a LED upgrade kit (rectangular LED + resistor). Various offers are available on the ususal sites (SellMyRetro and Tindie) for the case by itself are bundled with a vDrive and other options.

Acknowledgements: Michele Perini for the original 3D case model

*Note the enclosure is 3D printed and although the visible surface finish has been optimized there are still some minor surface imperfections due to the printing process.

Installation instructions for the QL case can be found here,  and for the ZX case here

Product Availability

Due to delays in obtaining parts as a result of the Covid-19 epedemic in China, I am unable to supply vDrives and ULA replacements at this time.

Some components are starting to trickle in however, and I’m sourcing some alternatives so I’m hopeful that I’ll have some good news over the coming weeks.

If you’ve registered with SellMyRetro or Tindie then you’ll be notified when items become available.

As well, ZX Renew and The Retro Revival Shop may also have some items in stock.

vDrive QL now on Tindie

As well as the vDrive ZX, I now sell the vDrive QL on Tindie. You can check out all I have available here: https://www.tindie.com/stores/CharlieIngley/

Although not featured directly in products, I also have available Microdrive cables and the vMap (if you’re buying a vDrive QL) which can be selected as options while making a purchase.

Products are still available through SellMyRetro if you prefer.