The Sinclair ZX81 was my first computer and was quickly followed by a Spectrum 48K (and much more recently, a QL). The technology was fascinating, very accessible, and provided a great training ground for the years that were to come.

When the Microdrives were announced I couldn’t wait to get hold of one (I only ever had one) and, contrary to their reputation, I found the combination of Interface 1 and Microdrive  reliable and certainly cheaper than the alternatives of the day.

Sadly, time has taken its toll and although the drives themselves hold up well with a bit of care, the remaining cartridges will probably not see another decade or so out before they become unusable.

This is where the vDrive comes in.  As with other devices such as floppy emulators, the vDrive provides an analogue of the original hardware performance. I’ve resisted the urge to provide any kind of ‘turbo’ mode as there are a host of devices that already do this. The focus was on faithful emulation and compatibility.

The vDrive can also provide a simple way of preserving existing cartridge contents, ensuring that future cartridge wear and tear is kept to a minimum.

The result is a solution that will hopefully go some way to provide the original Microdrive experience for both the QL and the Spectrum.

Many thanks to Rich Mellor (QL) and Will Woodvine (ZX) for beta testing. Their excellent suggestions, and support, made it a whole lot easier to get this far.

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P.S. Although I never intended to keep this venture as anything other than a hobby it seems to have grown! I now make various ULA replacements as well as other random items (there is even a power supply converter for the QL!) 22/05/22

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