vLA82 – A Spectrum 48K ULA replacement


The vLA82 is a modern plugin replacement for the Spectrum 48K ULA (type 6C001E-7 or earlier). It is one of several ULA replacements I have made for members of the Sinclair computer family including the vLA81 for the ZX81, the vLA128 for the Spectrum 128K (Toastrack) and +2 (Grey case) and the vLA1 for the Sinclair ZX Interface 1.

As they simply don’t make Spectrum ULAs anymore, then unfortunately if the ULA has failed, then options for repair are diminishing. The vLA82 provides a simple way to keep these icons of 80’s computing going.

vLA82 Features include:

  • Plugin ULA replacement. In most cases the existing socket will be OK but there are some which only support very small pins (please see the install guide for more information). A suitable turned pin socket is available as an option to purchase if needed.
  • A low profile and 40 pin DIL footprint means that the vLA82 is designed to fit in a ‘rubber key’ ZX Spectrum case without further modifications.
  • Provides the same functionality as the 6C001-7 Sinclair ULA.
  • Passes standard ULA benchmark tests (floatspy, Brendan’s Diagnostic ROM etc.).
  • Tested with an extensive suite of ZX Spectrum software.
  • Compatible with lower ram replacement modules.
  • Ideal for installing in an aftermarket Spectrum PCB without needing an original ULA.
  • Low power consumption.

You can download the install guide here.

Whether you want to just get a faulty Spectrum back up and running, or need a ULA replacement for a new clone, then the vLA82 is exactly what you need.

Available to purchase at my online shop: vRetro Design


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