The vLA82 gets an upgrade

Ever wanted RGB quality video from a humble Speccy?

Getting decent a quality video output has always been a must have for most Speccy enthisiasts. From the simple composiste video mod to addons providing HDMI or VGA there is certainly quite a choice.

That’s where the upgraded vLA82 comes in. An RGB interface as well as an AY sound emulator have been shoe-horned into the original 40 pin DIP footprint to provide an upgrade that is simple to do as well cost effective compared to other options providing similar features.

The vLA82S+ (+ for RGB and S for AY sound) is installed in the existing ULA socket and connects to either an external (no Spectrum modification necessary) or an internal interface (replacing the RF modulator).

Units are now available on the vRetro Design online shop as well as occasionally on Sell My Retro.

Please see the vLA82S+ product page for more information.

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