The vDrive ZX


The vDriveZX

Delivers hardware emulation for up to eight Microdrives and includes a comprehensive toolkit for managing Microdrive Cartridge images which are stored on SD Card. The vDriveZX is simply connected to your Interface 1, either with your existing Microdrives or by itself. An existing Microdrive case is used to house the vDriveZX (check out the installation manual here).

The SD Card file system implementation is DOS based and is compatible with systems which can read or write to FAT16 or FAT32 media. The vDriveZX supports SD Cards with a capacity of up to 32GB.

The vDriveZX adopts the MDR image format. This format is supported by popular emulators such as Spectaculator and FUSE, and in general, images created with these emulators will be compatible with the vDriveZX and vice versa. MDR images can be formatted, saved to, read from and erased by standard Interface 1 commands on real Spectrum hardware. The write protect flag is fully supported.

As well as the standard 16K and 48K Spectrum ROM the vDrive ZX supports the following:

Spectrum 16K/48K                           standard, Gosh Wonderful and Beckman ROM

Spectrum+                                          standard and Spanish ROM

128K Spectrum (Toast rack)          standard, Spanish and French ROM

128K Spectrum +2 (Grey)               standard and Spanish ROM

ZX Interface 1                                   version 1 and version 2 ROM.

Multiface                                          Multiface 1 and Multiface 128

Any combination of Spectrum and Interface 1 ROM listed above are supported. For the 128K systems listed, both the 128K and 48K Basic modes are supported.

The User Manual is available for download here.

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