Ready to ship!

Everyone’s orders from the recent auction(s) have been packaged up and are ready to ship tomorrow.

As this is the first release of the vDrive, I’d be very interested in feedback about the device. Suggestions for improvements and additional features will be be more than welcome.

It will take about 3 weeks to restock so in the meantime, to help me get an idea of demand (I prebuild and test all units), please let me know if you were intending to purchase either a vDrive ZX or QL (or vMap) by contacting me by email.

vDrive QL auction

The last 5 x vdrive QL units I have in stock have just been listed for auction . With every vDrive QL purchase there is an option to bundle a vMap at a reduced introductory price of £12.

There will now be a 2-3 week wait while I restock. I’ll post when new vDrive ZXs and vDrive QLs become available.


Both the QL and ZX versions are £49.95, with the vMapQL at £15.95.

Current shipping options from New Zealand to the UK are £10 for International Air (untracked) and £28 for International Courier (tracked, signature required).  For other destinations please enquire.

To get one, the best strategy is to set up a keyword alert in SellMyRetro for ‘vDrive’ so that when they come up you can secure one. You will need to register if you have not already done so.