The vMap QL


The vMapQL …

Can flexibly map both internal and external Microdrives to a wide range of address combinations allowing, for example, external Microdrives (or virtual drives) to appear as mdv1 or mdv2.

It is powered by the Microdrive bus and, apart from a relatively straight forward installation procedure, requires no changes to the QL hardware (check out the installation manual here). The device is configured by either a small standalone utility or by the toolkit that comes as standard with its companion device, the Microdrive hardware emulator, the vDriveQL .

Configuration changes are stored in non-volatile memory and are recalled whenever the QL is turned on. Any changes, including the current configuration at power-up, are also passed to the vDriveQL (if attached).

The vMapQL can be used on its own (with some restrictions) or with the vDriveQL to fully realise its flexibility.

The vDriveQL user Manual is available for download here.

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