Toolkit images available[updated]

I’ve added a downloads page where the latest toolkit images can be found. These include bug fixes and feature updates.


As mentioned in the ZX manual, there is an ‘unlocked’ version of the ZX toolkit that bypasses the check for the supported ROMS. This allows the vDriveZX to be used with patched ROMS but with no guarantee that everything will work as expected (see the user manual for more information).

For the QL, as well as the standard toolkit, the cut-down version of the QL toolkit is available to enable configuring of the vMapQL without the vDriveQL attached. Only the VMAP, VSWAP and VSTD commands are available.

Each QL release includes an MDV image, an IMG floppy image, and a HFE image suitable for use in the HxC Floppy Emulator.

ZX Toolkit Issues

A couple of issues have been highlighted to me with the ZX toolkit.

The first one is that the .SDINIT command expects an uppercase Y to proceeed. Any other key will exit the command and the SD card wil not be initialised. The latest toolkit image has a fix for this.

The second is that some 2GB SD cards take a long time to format, resulting in a ‘vDrive not responding’ error. The card will invariably be formatted but will have no configuration file. The work around for this problem is to execute .SDINIT, wait for the command to exit with the ‘vDrive not responding’ error, and manually make a configuration file with the .MKCFG command.

Both issues will be fixed in next the version of the firmware which will be avilable for download.


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