vDrive ZX Upgrade available

You asked for it, and I (eventually) made it. The sound upgrade to the vDrive ZX is done.

For a mere ~GBP5 (plus postage, packaging and tax, dependent on location) you can now hear the authentic sounds of the original Microdrive issue forth from your vDrive ZX.

As well as providing the only true emulated Microdrive experience, the upgrade also has a few extra features:

  • 10 selectable themes:
    • 0   the original (classic) beeper
    • 1 – 2 are two alternative Microdrive motor sound themes
      • Each drive has a unique play and empty cart sound (sampled from real Microdrives).
    • 3 is the floppy theme (pretend the Microdrives are floppy drives 🙂
    • 4 – 9 are reserved for user custom themes
  • Extended audio feedback for errors – even voice if desired.
  • Boot sound (Windows 7 anyone?)
  • Massive 1000mW amplifier. Not so massive 20x14mm speaker.
  • Three new vDrive ZX dot commands:
    • .SFX – select themes.
    • .VOL – sets the player volume (0 = mute)
    • .PLAY – play any .MP3 file present in the flash memory.
  • The additional storage is dedicated to the sound player and appears as a flash drive to a PC. Files associated with vDrive ZX sound triggers can be changed according to taste.

The upgrade requires the soldering of 4 wires to the existing vDrive ZX PCB and the replacement of the cosmetic 3D printed cover.

If you’re intending to purchase a new vDrive ZX then the sound upgrade will be an option (will cost an additional ~GBP5).

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